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RE: [IP] glucagon shots

> I didn't know either until glucagon was explained to me about a
> month ago.  Yes, the glucose gel/cake icing in a tube is the fastest
> way to get pure sugar into the system(under the tongue-sugar is
> absorbed fastest here) but if you are unconscious, it will do you no
> good.

Sure it will. I've used glucose gel with Lily when she has been 
unconcious. What you must be careful of is that you don't squirt a 
bunch into the person's mouth that they can then aspirate. That would 
be really bad. Even unconcious, the swallow reflex works and a small 
amount of gel will disappear quickly. This can be repeated until the 
entire tube has been administered. If you rub it on the 
insides of the cheeks and gums, it is absorbed quickly (don't get 
bitten). It is a fine line between a decision to use this method and 
give a glucagon shot. The shot can still be used if some change does 
not occur within 10 - 15 minutes. Our endo thought this method was 
OK. I'm not advocating a particular procedure and you certainly 
should discuss any emergency with your d-team. Just pointing out that 
there are a number of ways to deal with a severe low. A measured 
response and patience can work just as well as injecting a syringe of 
gluagon (hard on the nerves though :-)

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