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Re: [IP] glucagon shots

I have been given glucogon by my wifre before.  I really hate the stuff. 
 After receiving it, I had severe headaches for several hours afterward. 
 If show would have given me only 1/ instead of all of it, I think it 
would have been better.

beth keck wrote:

>Hi gang.  I've got a question.........Is it a big deal to use glucagon?
>What I mean is, is it harmful to the system at all?  I've used it on my son
>4 times over the last 3 years.  The last time he was 27 and it was clear
>there was not much time until he would be unable to swallow anything, so I
>went straight for the gluc. shot.  My friend told me that the shot was a
>hormone and acted like it was harmful if it was used too much.  Insulin is a
>hormone, isn't it?  So is there any merit to this at all?
>Thanks for any help.
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