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Re: [IP] starving

Rachel (4) has been in the hospital 3 times in almost three years for the 
same thing.  Once (this past May) in ICU.  My stepdaughter told everybody 
that her dad said that it was because I don't take care of Rachel.  But HE 
NEVER said that as HE helps me especially when she sick.  Just let people 
(even doctors) talk.  Try as we might, some virus are too much.  We have 
also learned when ill we have to do injections as for some reason the pump 
won't absorb properly, but Rachel always runs hi during illness, not low.


At 05:53 PM 1/9/02 -0500, you wrote:
>From: "Moira C. McCarthy" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Stomach bugs
>Hello all,
>Just back from a two-night stay at the hospital with Lauren. As is always
>the case with her, the sickness was stomach bug -- a bad one (throwing up
>eight times in two hours . . . ) anyway, I'm wondering: is she the *only*
>person with diabetes who has terrible trouble when she gets stomach flu? She
>gets really low with really large ketones, cannot hold a sip of anything
>down, and ends up needing IV fluids. This time (she's had it happen three
>times in four and a half years of dx) an endo at the hospital infered that I
>screw up -- that I should be able to keep her hydrated. She said I should
>have gone UP on the insulin at home (Lauren was 55 and dropping, still
>throwing up, not holding anything down . . . ) and not down (I cut down her
>basal figuring more insulin was bad, even though I knew she needed the
>ketones cleared.) To me, when she gets like that, the only answer is IV
>glucose and more insulin . . . . anyone have this problem or have an amazing
>solution for it? Thanks.
>Mom of Lauren,
>10-yr-old pumper
>- --------------------------------------------------------
>Not real articulate, that endo. she should have explained to you that illness
>increases insulin resistance to a large extent. The answer is more fluids and
>since Lauren isn't keeping food down, she is getting ketotic from starvation.
>You can always give carbs if she goes low. Id have given her some ice  cold
>ginger ale, perhaps flat. also apple juice is a nice drink and full of carbs.
>non diet 7-up works well too. that is why dka is so difficult to treat
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