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[IP] Ketones, anyone?

Hi Pumpers -

Anybody remember what ketones are?  I'm under severe stress at work, using my
pump to help compensate for this, since the first time since starting on it.
And WOW! stress is wreaking havoc with my rates.  My recent A1C which normally
is 5.5 or 5.7, is now currently 10.1!!!  Am seeing my Doc first thing this
A.M. for help.  On a hunch, I checked for ketones - large level of ketones!
Luckily, my only day off is today, when I can check for elevated blood sugars
every two hours without the distractions at work.  I think I may need to raise
my rates again today, depending on my blood sugars.  But I can't remember what
are ketones, as I rarely have them.  Can anybody clue me in?

Thanks, Pumpers!  Jane and "Chance"
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