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Re: [IP] mixing insulins in pump


  Mixxing some Velosulin or regualr in with Humalog has proven to cut down on 
sensitivity to the Humalog.  The regular acts as a buffer which helps the 
pumper tolerate the Humalog better and LONGER.  We had to do this with Josh 
who has been pumping 2 years now, starting at 8.  IT was an INSTANT cure for 
rising BGs and sore sites after 36 hours.  Our experience was that it did not 
alter the response time or basal/bolus needs because you are only putting in 
a small amount (60 units in 315 cartridge)  But if you are noticing that 
sites are only lasting a day or 36 hours you may find that this mixture 
helps.  We are now on Novolog and no longer have the need to mix.  And Josh 
does not experience pain with bolusing either....YIPEEEEE!!

mom to Joshua
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