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Re: [IP] diabetes and thyroid disease

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From: JoAnn <email @ redacted>

>My son is the absolute first on either side of the family with Type 1,
>as far back as we can trace.  I had thyroid disease, and my husband now
>has parathyroid disease. I have asked endo's if there is any connection,
>especially since some thyroid disorders are common in Type 1's, but the
>answer was no.  Medicine doesn't have all the answers yet, right?

Actually, there may indeed be a connection -- if you have Hashimoto's
thyroiditis, it's an auto-immune disease, and occurs more commonly in Type 1
diabetics than in the general population.

It also means that you have a susceptibility to autoimmune diseases, which
you probably passed on to your son. When his susceptibility was triggered,
he developed diabetes; when yours was triggered, you developed Hashimoto's.

The part that the medics don't know is why a certain auto-immune disease
gets triggered in a susceptible individual, and not a different auto-immune
disease. I know one family where there were two brothers, one of whom
developed DM1 and the other rheumatoid arthritis. The son of the brother
with RA developed DM1, and one of his daughters developed RA. The children
of the brother with DM1 didn't develop any auto-immune disease. Why was one
autoimmune condition triggered in each of them, but not the other?  I dunno!

Natalie ._c- who has both Hashimoto's and diabetes.
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