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Re: [IP] glucagon shots

> > My CDE explained it to me like this...when you inject glucagon, it's not
> > so much the glucagon itself that helps the bg.  The glucagon forces the
> > liver to dump all the stored sugar available into the system asap.  >
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> a name of winmail.dat]
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> Thanks!  That does clear it up, because I always assumed glucagon
> was some pure form of glucose that went into the system faster than
> anything else. DUH!  Obviously not...............after 3 years,
> you'd think I'd catch on....... Beth

Lily's endo assure us the the fastest way to get glucose into the 
system in quantity is by mouth. I've used glucose gel a couple of 
times when Lily has  been very low and out of it. Rubbing it on the 
gums works for us. You would not want to put anything in a persons 
mouth that did not have a swallow reflex, the risk of aspiration 
would preclude it.
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