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Re: [IP] Re: Annette's intro and What is ALOT?

> Hi IPers, whats up?
> I read Annette's intro, and was struck by her comment about taking
> one unit per 8g.  I, too, used to take less when I was on shots, and
> now take 1 unit per 8g. I understand that her comment was in
> relation to her own version of normal, but does anyone know if there
> is such a thing as "normal" amount of insulin?  I am 27 (tomorrow!)
> and have had Type 1 since 93 (18yo), and have been on the pump since
> April of 2001.  I think I am taking "alot" of insulin


I suspect that Annette's high insulin requirements are probably 
because she is an adolsecent. My daughter was up to 90u/day as a 
young teen and now uses about 1/3 that amount at age 18.

You may be resistant to the insulin you are using. My daughter and 
others have reported dramatic drops in insulin use when they switched 
insulin. Lily had a known problem with Humalog and when she switched 
to Novolog, her insulin requirements dropped 30%. It would certainly 
be worthwhile exploring with your doc, a trial on Novolog if you use 
H, or visa versa.

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