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[IP] Re: Annette's intro and What is ALOT?

Hi IPers, whats up?

I read Annette's intro, and was struck by her comment about taking one unit 
per 8g.  I, too, used to take less when I was on shots, and now take 1 unit 
per 8g. I understand that her comment was in relation to her own version of 
normal, but does anyone know if there is such a thing as "normal" amount of 
insulin?  I am 27 (tomorrow!) and have had Type 1 since 93 (18yo), and have 
been on the pump since April of 2001.  I think I am taking "alot" of 
insulin, with most of my basals being 1.1-1.3 per hour.  I don't know any 
other diabetics really, so you all are my reference.  What does this mean 
(if anything)?  Will I have more difficulty with insulin resistance as I go, 
or am I already insulin resistant?  Just curious.

best wishes, betsy

"Right now I am taking a lot on insulin compared to normal.  I take
one unit to every 8 carbs."

You got tuh go there, tuh know there.
-Zora Neale Hurston

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