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RE: [IP] Re: D prevention

Hi, Andy -

> Let me try to rephrase what you said. Please correct me if I go awry.
> HJH per AA> There are no studies that demonstrate statistically
> HJH per AA> significant differences in Type 1 incidence due to genetic
> HJH per AA> factors.
> Now I'll try to rephrase the statement from the NIDDK "Diabetes in
> America, 2nd edition":
>      More than 80% of cases of IDDM occur in individuals with no
>      family history of the disease. The overall risk before age 30
>      years for North American Caucasian individuals is < 1%. There is
>      no evidence that proves that the risk in siblings, parents, and
>      offspring of individuals with IDDM is any different from that
>      which could occur by chance alone.
> If the restatements are correct, I will then seek references to
> studies that contain a statistically significant genetic factor in
> Type 1 incidence. I believe that you believe that I will *not* find
> such references. If you're right, I'll either make up my own data
> (just kidding!) or correspond with a couple of authors requesting
> statistical validation of their conclusions.

With respect to your rewrite, I think it's better to surmise (since we don't
have immediate access to the data to validate) that researchers have not
been able, so far, to *detect* an association between heredity and type 1 DM
that cannot be explained by random occurrence.  Proof is a very slippery
slope (unless one is using the technical mathematical term which has a
specific and well defined meaning).  That's why the second highest level of
assumption is the theory (such as the cell theory of biology).  

It sounds like an interesting literature review and I'd be pleased to read
it when you've completed it.

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