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[IP] sunject lines?

can someone please tell me how THIS subject line:

>Subject: RE: [IP] DM testing in Florida

has ANYTHING whatsoever to do with the following post?

> Wow. I breastfed Jennifer until she was 2 years 9 mos. She was diagnosed 
> at age 10 shortly after getting the Hep B series. Makes one wonder if 
> there is a correlation...
>Hmmmm........I was diagnosed  DM at age 10, a couple of months after having 
>contracted hepatitis A.  Not exactly the same as hepB...... but still strange

I see somethings have not changed here,....can y'all please remember to 
change your subject lines for those of us who are trying to read stuff we are 
interested in?  testing in Florida is of interest....age of diagnosis of 
breast fed babies is not (for me anyway)

appreciate your efforts

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