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[IP] I am back

hi kids

I am the (infamous) Sara Smarty Pants NYC and I have been pretty quite since 
last fall...9/11 was only one excuse, but I am BACK now. I sure have missed 
my friends...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  I have been a member of IP since November 
of 97, back in the days there were only 200 members....nice to see it is 
growing, and  hope you all have made your donations to Michael who works his 
A** off for us!

Just to refresh you, I am type 1 for almost 28 years, pumping 9 years - 
Minimed the whole time, but might be trying out an Animas shortly just cuz I 
am due for a new pump...well March 2001 actually was the end of the warranty, 
but things just got put off...I live in NYC and run a diabetes support group 
in Manhattan.  I have had fairly successful vitrectomies in both eyes, take 
ace inhibitors for my kidneys and MIX velosulin and humalog in my 
pump...might switch to novalog when i use up this STASH of insulin i have....

I am just on browser for now, so if you have a message you want me to see fer 
shure, better send it to me directly, as I am not sure how often I will log 

Love, Sara
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