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[IP] re:stomach bugs/sickness and ketones

our daughter was recently sick too, and wound up in the ER for fluids as

it was actually a cold that knocked her out. made her blood sugars run high,
and then she slept for the whole day. even though her sugars were down, the
endo wanted us to flush out ketones, and she was getting dehydrated.

we were told to (and did) give her apple juice and just gave more insulin than
we'd normally give for it to get rid of the ketones when she was on the lower
end of things.

she was just so tired, that she kept flopping back into bed and refusing to
drink. so we went to the ER. i think the response you got was odd. i sometimes
wonder how these doctors would deal if they had to actually get the kid to
eat/drink and not just tell us to do it!

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