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Re: [IP] Re: stomach bugs (Jenn's question)

And my next question would be ...
Are you a coffee drinker? Are you in a mild state of starvation ketosis most of the time...possible from dehydration? If you drink a lot of caffiene (whatever form), then your kidneys can work a bit overtime, even with the mild stimulation, and you might be making fewer triops to the bathroom as the day goes one, and your body fluids get more concentrated.

Can you drink more water?

Could be just a quirk of your metabolism.
Check with a doctor or maybe even a respeiratory specialist, or internist.

Other than that...????????????????????
Wish I could help explain it more. 
Barbara B.

>For my next question(s)....

Does this occur *only* in DKA, or are there other causes?
How do you treat this if you're not showing ketones?

I breathe like this on a daily basis.  Always have.  Feels like there's 
pressure around the bottom of my lungs, and I also always have ketone 
breath.  I've had people at work say they can smell it, and Jim asked me 
once what it was, so I guess he could smell it too.  I test for ketones but 
I've only shown them once (when I was really sick).

I asked all of my docs about this and none of my docs have ever thought this 
was strange, and never considered checking why I breathe this way all the 
time, and why I taste ketones all the time.

Any suggestions?
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