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[IP] Precision Xtra Meter was: Stomach bugs and ketones

Barbara, I use the Precision Xtra and have had very good results. I love the
fact that I can test my bg and then my ketones right afterwards if I am
high. (I never liked the concept of the urine ketone strips and didn't enjoy
carrying around another bottle of strips.) With the Xtra meter, you get 4
ketone strips in every box of 100 bg test strips. If Claire tests a lot for
ketone I have plenty extra of ketone strips for the Xtra meter. I rarely go
above 240 (although I was sick for almost 2 weeks with those kinds of
numbers and burned more ketone strips than I think I have used over the past
several years :) Even after that I still wind up throwing some away every 6
months just for the room. A few months ago my old Xtra meter died and the
company let me trade my old one in at a local pharmacy and sent me a backup
free meter because I was extremely nervous about not having a backup meter
the same brand as my current meter. I never remembered to update my strips
for my backup meter so the old strips. (lesson learned in life!) The new
meters now have a light in them, which was helpful when the power went out
while I was changing my site! Talk about timing. The down side to the meter
is it takes a little longer than the really fast ones (~20 seconds for the
bg and ~45 seconds for the ketones - can't remember exactly) Anyway if you
decide to use the meter, privately email me your physical address and I'll
be happy to send you some extra ketone strips. 

Seeing as there is discussion going on this topic, does anyone use the 
Precision Xtra meter which checks for ketones in the blood?  I was given
meter for free by the company, but haven't used it yet.  The ketone strips 
are expensive and when I checked at the pharmacy they had an extremely short

expiry date, so I didn't get them.  However, maybe he just had very old
and I will check again after I get a Rx written up for them, so that they 
will be covered by insurance.  Can anyone give them a good positive 
recommendation?  Thanks

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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