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[IP] Re: Stomach Bug

    My 8yr old daughter has the exact same problem at least once a year,
where she is vomiting 4 or more times an hour, literally can't keep anything
down for even a minute.  We've tried flat coke and gingerale, ice pops etc,
but nothing works and she too always goes low.  By now, of course, she
always has large ketones, low blood sugars, and I know it's time for the ER.
Once she gets an IV with some phenagrin (sp?) and fluids she's fine and the
vomitting stops.  We have some phenagrin suppositories now but our previous
endo was always hesitant about prescribing them because they make the kids
so sleepy, you might not be able to properly access the situation.  Kelly
now knows once the non-stop vomiting starts, we'll be heading to the ER.
She's never been there for more than a few hours, though.  The IV does

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