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Re: [IP] Re: stomach bugs (Jenn's question)

ok, thanks Barbara.

For my next question(s)....

Does this occur *only* in DKA, or are there other causes?
How do you treat this if you're not showing ketones?

I breathe like this on a daily basis.  Always have.  Feels like there's 
pressure around the bottom of my lungs, and I also always have ketone 
breath.  I've had people at work say they can smell it, and Jim asked me 
once what it was, so I guess he could smell it too.  I test for ketones but 
I've only shown them once (when I was really sick).

I asked all of my docs about this and none of my docs have ever thought this 
was strange, and never considered checking why I breathe this way all the 
time, and why I taste ketones all the time.

Any suggestions?

email @ redacted

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