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Re: [IP] starving

 must go up on the insulin with ketones......low numbers and large ketones 
> mean her body is in starvation mode......

**I have been following this thread closely - last week I was sick all week with a stomach bug - severe stomach cramps as I got hungry - worse after I ate - till they eased off till I got hungry again. I also had Di... but not throwing up. The BG's were fine - in fact on the low side. I have never checked for ketones - but when chatting with on-line buds they were saying I should. (this was on saturday) Now I am thinking I probably WAS throwing them. I also could smell just faintly that funky smell that I remember from when I was dx'd in DKA. I am thinking that I am probably lucky that I didn't end up in the hospital - I am better this week - but anxious to see the endo (never have before) and discuss this matter with him. I may just go out and buy some strips anyway in case I need them again. 

Once again - thanks for the education!

Linda & Dax
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