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Re: [IP] A Beautiful Mind (scary hypo stuff)

In a message dated 1/9/02 3:40:44 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< my husband came home from work 
at 10pm to find me in the midst of a hypo sitting at the kitchen table 
staring at one of my cockatiels (Trixie).  When he asked me what was wrong, I 
insisted over and over that Trixie had two heads!  From then on, the test for 
how serious a hypo is is the question 'how many heads does Trixie have?' >>

I was LOL for soooooo long when I read this. Thanks soooo much for sharing. 
I'm passing on to my husband as well. He'll love it. He loves to tease me 
about the things I've said during hypos. One time he tried to wake me up 
(ended up calling paramedics) and I kept pushing him away pretty hard and 
yelling "leave me alone!!!" Another less severe time I just kept saying "I 
can't eat." These can't possible top your two-headed Trixie story. That's a 
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumped as of 1/8/02!
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