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From: "James" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] A Beautiful Mind (scary hypo stuff)

It was used just like electric shock(to destroy memory), it was the "poor
man's electro shock therapy". They tried to use it because institutions did
not need any special equipment to use insulin like they did for electro
I remember (in 1970's) my glucagon kits all having an insert on how to use
glucagon in insulin shock therapy to wake them up.

You know it must have been a brutal experience.-James

.  I wondered if electric shock
> >treatments took its place?
- --------------------------------------------------------Neither ECT or
insulin Coma need special equipment. A shock Box was usually owned by the
therapist and brought to the institution. You plugged it in, set the box to
deliver a certain charge, applied the electrodes and pressed the switch.
Insulin Coma therapy was less favorable because it persisted. with ECT the
ciurrent could be switched off and after the convulsions the patient would
recover. depending on your training you selected insulin or ECT. My mentors
liked electricity. Yet, I thought insulin gave a greater level of amnesia.
Since patients were anesthetized it was a rather humane treatment. To bad
Andrea Yeats didn't have ECT. spot
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