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[IP] RE: stomach bug...Moira's question

>PS Here is another thing I've always wondered: can you "ignore" starvation 
ketones? I mean, if you are low and sick and have ketones, can you just 
ignore them? Her endo says no, they must be treated and cleared. Just curious 
. . . <

If there is an illness going on, then deal with these ketones. Fluids and 
glucose will  help clear them.  If unable to take fluids, call MD. There are 
medications for nausea. Try ice pops, hard candy, flavored glucose tabs plus 
water and /or chipped ice.

The times when you have to be less concerned are when dieting. The ketones 
may indicate fat burning for weight loss. Increase water intake for this, and 
make sure you aren't eating too little.

Another time for this to happen is during pregnancy: if am BG is normal to 
low, and ketones are present, the mom might not be eating enough for herself 
or for the baby. 
Pregnant should not be starving themselves or the baby. It's always a 

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