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Re: [IP] Question Birth Control Pill

It is different with every pill and every person.  I have taken loestrine 
for 6 years and have never had a problem.  I too started in order to lessen 
periods.  My periods are never regular and I often skip months at a time.  
When I do have it it is not 28 days apart, sometimes months, sometimes only 
2 weeks.  That could be because of my age, because of the pill, or my dm, or 
anything.  Loestrine is a low dose pill, which the doc said is good for 
dmers.  I never had nausea or weight gain or anything.  The first couple of 
weeks on it I had minor headaches, but they went away as my system got used 
to it.  I used the have terrible cramps, but no more.  I would say, talk to 
your doc about a low dose pill, and try it.  Make sure you keep at it for a 
couple of months before you decide to switch or stick with it.  I have heard 
a lot of great things about ortho tri cyclin (sorry bad spelling) from 
peopel who used to have similar problems and are now on it.  Good luck to 


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