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[IP] Re: stomach bugs

 Re: RE: [IP] Stomach bugs
> snip<
> How can you have keytones at 55 bg??

Oh, yes you can!  Since the flu season upon us, this info might be helpful.

If BG is normal or low, and there are ketones present, then you are burning 
fat to get some fuel to cells when the body is in a starvation state. If the 
bug is also causing vomiting and diarrhea, then the BGs might begin to go up 
as a reflection of the dehydration.  It is possible he isn't that sick yet. 
It can also depend on which "bug" is causing the problem.  We (medical 
people) have seen both highs, and lows, depending on the symptoms of the 
illness.  Stomach bugs can cause decreased appetite, long before they cause 
vomiting and diarrhea. This is why a temp basal is useful during illness. You 
can go up or down, depending on symptoms and BG.

If BG is going up, drink more fluids (8 oz every hour, or split it to 4 oz 
every half hour) check BG every 4 and ketones with each urine.
Us the BG as a guide to decide if the liquids should be diet or regular food 
liquids with sugar. Liz's suggestion of flat coke can be helpful, or flat 
ginger ale may work also.
Stay in touch with the MD. Check for fever. Fever can also cause dehydration. 
Report diarrhea that is frequent (each trip to the john, very watery, painful 
and cramping). Don't wait for fast breathing or breathing difficulties before 
calling the MD, bug the heck out of the medical staff if they don't seem to 
be too concerned. This could get serious. It is better to be safe than sorry 
later. Who cares if they scold you for bugging them. They will scold you more 
for waiting too long.  Remember, it is their job to help keep you or your 
child or loved one with DM out of trouble during an illness. It is their job. 
 When calling give all info: fever, # of times of vomiting, # of times of 
trips to the john for diarrhea episodes, BG and ketone numbers.

Stay well, but stay alert!

Lecture over.

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