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Re: [IP] A Beautiful Mind (scary hypo stuff)

lol, once not too long after we were married, my husband came home from work 
at 10pm to find me in the midst of a hypo sitting at the kitchen table 
staring at one of my cockatiels (Trixie).  When he asked me what was wrong, I 
insisted over and over that Trixie had two heads!  From then on, the test for 
how serious a hypo is is the question 'how many heads does Trixie have?'  If 
I giggle then he knows the hypo is not too serious, and gets the bg 
machine,but if I say two then he knows I am in trouble and doesn't even ask 
me to check my bg but just hands me a soda!

By the way, we still have Trixie 14 years later along with two parrots and 
about 25 other cockatiels (including Trixie, 3 of the cockatiels are ones 
that we had at that time)3 big lizards, and a cat!

It's funny how humorous these incidents can be afterwards!

aka Mouse
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