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[IP] Re: Stomach bug

Thank you all so much for your input. It sounded unanimous -- that I was
right in knowing she needed an IV and that I did the right thing. I think
the flat coke idea is great. But, when she's throwing up 4x and hour . . . .
. still, I'll try it next time. She is home today, running VERY low (with
her basals cranked way down, she's been between 30 and 60 all day but she
was just 81 yee-haw!) I stopped by school today to get some work for her and
there are 41 kids out with stomach bug. Hate to send her back but, hey, I
can't keep her in a bubble! I did tell the school nurse that when she comes
back she is NOT ALLOWED in the nurses office at all until this bug has
completely passed by!

Thanks again, this site is a great service.


Tired mom of Lauren
Pump Princess of Plymouth

PS Here is another thing I've always wondered: can you "ignore" starvation
ketones? I mean, if you are low and sick and have ketones, can you just
ignore them? Her endo says no, they must be treated and cleared. Just
curious . . . >
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