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Re: [IP] waterproofness

> I also know that model, the Paradigm, has the same IPX as the Animas
> pump -- IPX-8.
   Oops, I was thinking the new Paradigm was rated as IPX-7 (30 min @ 
3 ft) even though it could be listed as IPX-8 since they tested for 
30 min @ 8 feet. 

   Turns out I was remembering the Disetronic (D-TRON) having an IPX-7
rating.  Here's what I found rechecking the manufacturers web sites
just now:

   Manufacturer  Model     Rating    Specification
   Animas        R-1000    IPX-8     24 hours at 12 feet
   Disetronic    D-TRON    IPX-7     30 minutes at 3 feet
   MiniMed       Paradigm  IPX-8     30 minutes at 8 feet
   Remember, if someone specifies an IPX-8 rating, they must specify 
their testing criteria.  IPX-8 only means you can surpass the IPX-7 
criteria by some margin.  The size of that margin is the true measure
of waterproofness (but they'll all go for IPX-8 since most people
think IPX-8 is the same everywhere).

   FWIW, it's much tougher to build for greater depth than it is to
build for longer duration (water is heavy!).  That's why I'd like to 
see pumps certified to 30-40 feet, even for a short time.

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