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Re: [IP] Stomach bugs/ER visits

RE; taking DM child to the ER.....We utilize our local Navy hospital and I 
ALWAYS dread going to that ER, whether it be for Josh or for me.  The rest of 
the hospital is OK.  Anyway, it seems that no matter what it is for with Josh 
they will automatically put in an IV and start liquids (Josh tends to 
dehydrate when he starts to get sick) and will run every imaginable test on 
him to cover all basis.  Yes, they are totally unfamiliar with kids and 
diabetes, I've only run into one doc in the ER that had even heard about 
pumps but knew nothing about them.  I ALWAYS bring Josh's fannie pack with 
extra insulin and syringe and his meter.  I will always check his BGs and 
bolus accordingly, and then let the ER staff know.  I am incharge of Josh's 
diabetes wherever we go, except when seeing his endo.  Even then I'm pretty 
much incharge because like our endo tells me, I'm the one living with him 
24/7 and know more than anyone else could even imagine, including him!  I 
always appreciate having our endo acknowledge that fact!  TAKE CHARGE, it 
really helps!

mom to joshua
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