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[IP] Re: [IPn] Notice for users of H/V mix

Dear Insulin Pumpers,

I am wondering about mixing R with H for my 9 year old son's pump.

I have read some about this on IP.

To do this do you draw out say 40 units of H and 10 units of R and put them
both in a clean, empty vial, mix, and then load into reservoir?

Do you know if the bolus or basal usually need to be changed with the addition
of R?

Is Velosulin any better than R for this?  Do you have to have a prescription
for Velosulin?  Are most doctors willing to let pumpers try this?

My son's sights seem to go bad in 2 1/2 days.  Sometimes this is very
inconvenient as it means a change during the night.  His A1c is not very good
--  8.6  last time.  I have gotten a gram scale and am counting carbs
diligently.  Having the sight go bad makes seeing patterns and making
adjustments that much more difficult.  I am rather discouraged about getting
his numbers better.  I know he is doing better on the pump than on shots but I
would like to see better control.  Thanks for any help.

By the way -- My kids endo. wants my 3 1/2 year old daughter to get a pump
this spring.  She is on Lantus and H.  Actually, her #'s have been better and
more consistent than Morgan's.  Her A1c was 8.9 which was a little higher than
his last time but I have been working on her control and will be surprised if
her A1c isn't better than his this time.  I am not knocking the pump -- it is
best for Morgan, but quite frankly, if we can't get better readings for him
and work out the site problems, I would rather leave Madison on shots.  She is
good about taking the shots.  She has a very small appetite so sometimes she
doesn't have to have a shot for meals if she eats mostly protein, etc.  --the
Lantus and her activity take care of the "bolus".  I really don't want to be
struggling with two children and unpredictable sites.  At least when I give
her a shot I know she has gotten the insulin.

If possible, please send your replies directly to me at:
email @ redacted  Thanks!!

Sybil Fisher ,  Mom to Morgan, 9, x's 6-7-99 and Madison, 3, x's 1-20-00
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