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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #24

I have been on an insulin pump now for 4 months. It is working great, but
it takes more effort than the NPH/Regular. My BG results are good & I feel
better. Reading this e-mail list has been very helpful to me.
Has anyone on this list studied of have information on the strength or
reactivity between lot numbers of Humalog insulin? Is one lot # stronger
than another? I have a MM 508. Does anyone blend any lot #'s of insulin
between 2-3 vials of Humalog to reduce variability? Is it worth the effort?
Sometimes I have noticed a slight difference in my BG readings between some
vials. It may be attributed to other things besides the Humalog, and it is
not noticed between every vial or lot # change.
I want to obtain as tight of control as possible and I will blend Humalog
if it will help.
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