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[IP] Animas Pump Problem. A solution...kind of :-(

I just want to thank everyone that gave me suggestions on the Animas pump
and Quick-set problems I was having. In fact, it IS the Animas
pump...yesterday, the pump "died". Luckily, in the AM I had called Animas
and right away, the helpful customer service person seemed to know what
was happening and they sent a brand new pump out. I should be receiving
it today. BUT, during the day, I had another occlusion alarm and I should
also say that the motor during the occlusions sounded like it was
struggling, so it was not the occlusion level settings, but something (I
thought real occlusions) serious occurring. Well, I went to change the
cartridge for the 3rd day in a row, and that little piece inside (past
where the cartridge fits in) that should be loose and should touch the
cartridge when the cartridge is inserted, was stuck. (NOT moving at all)
Major mechanical problem! I have to warn all the Animas users, this is
the 2nd time I've had an Animas pump "die" in the past! 6 months and both
times, it was due to this EXACT problem. I'm VERY disappointed in this
product.  Again, thanks to everyone for their help! -Pam (NOT pumping at
the moment and HATING it!!)  
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