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Re: [IP] Stomach bugs

I also agree with you.  I dread when my son gets the stomach flu.  Two years 
ago was the last time.  He vomited 3 times in 4 hours.  He was able to drink 
fluids, his sugar was within normal range, but he looked awful!  He was on 
shots at the time and I was worried his sugar would crash so I took him to 
the ER.  They immediately put him on an IV and said he was in the beginnings 
of ketoacidosis!  It happened so quickly!  The only problem we had was they 
refused to give him insulin.  I had my husband drive the hour's drive both 
ways to get his insulin.  I made a deal with the ER doc.  I would give him 2 
units of H and wait an hour to give him more.  It helped.  We were home by 
evening.  I learned a HUGE lesson:  always take your supplies with you when 
you have to go to the ER!
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