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Re: [IP] Re: Dr. Bernstein

I have read Dr. Berstein's book.  As a person who manages diabetes by
pumping and by low carbing, I certainly admire his fortitude.  I don't eat
quite so low a carb intake as he does, but I eat less than 60 grams per day.
It keeps me fit, I use less insulin, I have plenty of energy, and I don't
crave carbs any more.  My kidneys are fine, my liver is fine, my blood
pressure is fine, and my cholesterol is really fine.  I exercise like crazy.
I essentially eat meat and vegetables.  Occasionally, I have a piece of
toast.  It works for me.  It's my WOE.  But, I wouldn't recommend it for
everyone.  I just happen to want very, very tight control and low carbing
and the pump is the only way I can get it.  I try not to let my post
prandials get above 140, and I try to hang out between meals around 85-100.
My diabetes educator worries about lows.  So far, so good, only been pumping
for two months.  But I just love how precise you can get with this little
device.  :-)  My nutritionist hates my WOE because it goes against
everything she has been taught.  But, she can't argue with my numbers,
weight, or general state of health.  :-)  So, I stick to my guns, while
also, understanding that everybody's diabetes is different and must be
managed differently.  Hah, I'm off my soapbox now.  :-)  Margaret
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Subject: [IP] Re: Dr. Bernstein

>Dr. Bernstein is a Type 1 himself and got
>> himself a glucose machine when they first came out and were available
>> hospitals and doctors (his wife was a doctor).  <snip>
>> He was probably the first diabetic to do home glucose testing.
>That's a pretty broad assumption. If they made meters at that time, who was
>using them? I would think it would be pretttttty hard to determine the
>home user of such a device. Other docs and hospital personnel having access
>to them could also been using them at home. hmmmmmm (~_^)
>Jan - who started testing in '82 by cutting strips in thirds and comparing
>them to a color chart.
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