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[IP] Re: Advil Not

JP writes:

> I agree with Michael on this. I had an arm injury two years ago and my GP
> prescribed Naproxen, which I took for months. It significantly reduced the
> pain--but guess what, my protein numbers started to climb for the first 
> time
> ever. When I saw my new endo, he ordered me to stop taking Naproxen
> immediately, and the protein diminished.

Thanks for writing this.  You are the first person I have heard of who had 
the exact same experience I did.  I took the Naproxen for about a years for 
my foot.  My protein went way up and I was the one who suggested to my doctor 
that I discontinue the Naproxen (he had suggested an ACE inhibitor and 
tighter control).  I did all 3 and eventually got a pump and 1 year later - 
no protein in my urine!

This helps confirm that maybe the Naproxen was more of a factor than anything 
else.  Then I got orthotics for my shoes and my foot is pretty good without 
the medicine.  I stil take ibuprophen on occaision.

Type 1 28 yrs, pump 2+ years
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