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>I also gained 20 lbs. when changing from reg. and NPH to Lantus and
>Humalog. I am on the pump now, thank goodness.  I am working on losing
>the 20 lbs.,but it is hard when you are in tight control.. I think the
>pump will help by slowing decreasing the insulin and food without losing
>the good control.

I was gaining weight at a fast rate while on Reg. and NPH.  I tried to 
exercise to keep it off, but the more I exercised, the more I had to 
eat.  My endo told me I probably wouldn't lose weight by exercising, I 
would just get in better shape.  You'll never know how pleased I was when I 
went on the pump and the pounds just began magically dropping off.  I have 
so much more control over how much I eat and how much insulin I take with 
the pump.  And I don't have to sacrifice tight control to do so, my A1c's 
have been in the 5's since I've been pumping.  They were also in the 5's on 
MDI, but that was due to riding the rollercoaster constantly each day.  Now 
my bgs are much more stable.  YMMV.

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