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Re: [IP] Stomach bugs


I had a couple of similar experiences with my daughter when she was
younger.  She was seeing a Ped Endo and I asked her about the
situation.  She said that children sometimes react differently to
illnesses (bugs) and the bs goes down.  Since they can't keep anything
down, she told me I could monitor bs every half-hour to hour and as
long as it held steady, we didn't have to go to the ER, otherwise there
was no other way since glucagon generally causes vomiting in
youngsters.  Once I stayed up and monitored all night long, but the
second time the virus was combined with congestion and asthma, so I
hooked her up to the nebulizer.  The albuterol that always sent her bs
WAY up caused it to go into a much safer zone.  After a few hours the
vomiting stopped and we were able to use popsicles, etc.   

I generally check my daughter's ped endo's advice with my own endo and
he said he and his colleagues hated to get the ped endo's calls because
children's diabetes often doesn't do the usual thing when they get
sick.  Eventually, the Ped Endo asked the regular endos to call her for
what they deemed true emergencies (such as this) so they would be
handled correctly.  

I have had some interesting conversations with adult peds when I called
in during an emergency!  Most seem very frightened to be asked about a
diabetic child's problem.  Not reassuring at all.  You did the right
thing.  Not going to the ER would have been a mistake.  Isn't that what
doctors are supposed to do?  During the next office visit, ask your
daughter's endo what he/she prefers you to doin such a circumstance.  I
know how scary that is!  



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