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[IP] Stomach bugs

Hello all,

Just back from a two-night stay at the hospital with Lauren. As is always
the case with her, the sickness was stomach bug -- a bad one (throwing up
eight times in two hours . . . ) anyway, I'm wondering: is she the *only*
person with diabetes who has terrible trouble when she gets stomach flu? She
gets really low with really large ketones, cannot hold a sip of anything
down, and ends up needing IV fluids. This time (she's had it happen three
times in four and a half years of dx) an endo at the hospital infered that I
screw up -- that I should be able to keep her hydrated. She said I should
have gone UP on the insulin at home (Lauren was 55 and dropping, still
throwing up, not holding anything down . . . ) and not down (I cut down her
basal figuring more insulin was bad, even though I knew she needed the
ketones cleared.) To me, when she gets like that, the only answer is IV
glucose and more insulin . . . . anyone have this problem or have an amazing
solution for it? Thanks.

Mom of Lauren,
10-yr-old pumper
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