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Re: [IP] split bolus

> On the Animas the auto-on  -  auto-off feature must be a little different
> than on the MM.  If you don't touch your pump during the amount of time
> set the auto-on for, at that point in time the pump beeps and then after a
> length of beeps begins to siren.  the idea of this was explained to me for
> people who live alone, travel alone, etc. like to set it for 10 hours when
> you go to bed so if you have a really bad low and would pass out, etc. the
> hope is eventually the siren alarm would bring you to.  One lady who said
> she always "forgets" to eat at noon always set hers for 6 hours after
> breakfast to "remind" her to eat at noon.  On the animas there is no
> in any basal rates whether this feature is set to OFF or ON.  It just
> triggers the beeps and then then siren alarm.
> Trish

On the Animas Web Site's Virtual Pump
(http://www.animascorp.com/vp/pr_virtual_p.shtml) it says "Auto off is a
feature that causes the pump to alarm and suspend delivery of insulin if you
do not press a button within a set period of time."
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