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[IP] options to wear pump

I am a woman but wear mostly "dockers type pants" to work.  I just keep my 
pump in my front pocket of my pants.  Whether the insertion set is on my 
upper abs, lower abs, buttocks, etc. it seems to work fine.  Just pull the 
pump up out of your waistband, then run it underneath your belt (helps to 
keep tubing from sticking out, getting caught on things, etc.) and then drop 
the pump into your pocket.  I do not use any case, clip, etc. of any kind on 
my pump to keep it as small as possible and have never had a problem.
Many people have put buttonholes (slits) in their pockets and run the tubing 
through that hole into their pocket to keep the tubing from being seen at 
all.  I have been wearing my pump for over a year and have not had one 
person comment on noticing the tubing coming out of my waistband, under my 
belt and into my pocket and I have worn all colors of pants.  Even though I 
sew a lot and could easily make buttonholes in all my pockets, I chose not 
to go that route because I always exercise at noon and therefore change 
clothes a lot everyday and didn't want to bother with extra priming, chance 
of bubbles, with unhooking and rehooking the insertion extra times daily!
Good Luck!

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