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[IP] split bolus

On the Animas the auto-on  -  auto-off feature must be a little different 
than on the MM.  If you don't touch your pump during the amount of time you 
set the auto-on for, at that point in time the pump beeps and then after a 
length of beeps begins to siren.  the idea of this was explained to me for 
people who live alone, travel alone, etc. like to set it for 10 hours when 
you go to bed so if you have a really bad low and would pass out, etc. the 
hope is eventually the siren alarm would bring you to.  One lady who said 
she always "forgets" to eat at noon always set hers for 6 hours after 
breakfast to "remind" her to eat at noon.  On the animas there is no change 
in any basal rates whether this feature is set to OFF or ON.  It just 
triggers the beeps and then then siren alarm.

Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 14:00:29 -0500
From: "Patrick G. Jobe" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Split Bolus

>Sylvia - I don't remember which pump you have but I remember you saying
>you wanted an animas pump next time for Josh.  on the animas there is a 
>feature called "Auto Off
>Auto On" and if you turn it On then you can set it for time increments
from 30
>minutes to as long as needed; but what is does is if you don't touch your
>in the set time the pump beeps at you.  So if he wanted to give the other
>of the bolus in one hour he could set the Auto-On for 60 minutes and then
>long as he didn't touch the pump in 60 minutes, then the pump would beep
>one hour and that would remind him to give the other half of the bolus.

The MM 508 has a similar feature. But I don't think I would use it that way.
The Auto-Off feature, as it was explained to me, is designed as a safety
feature. If you mistakenly manage to get a very low BG and knock yourself
out (while alone) with too large of a bolus (or some other issue), rather
than have the pump hold you at that low value with the basal insulin until
the cartridge is empty the pump will suspend the basal after the Auto-Off
time so that you have a better chance of recovering without assistance.

I see two problems with using the feature as suggested above. 1) You may
manage to defeat the intended safety feature and 2) if the auto-off feature
were to activate and you don't deal with it then the basal insulin will be
suspended - now rather than just missing half of a bolus you will also be
without basal insulin. You might be better off to consider using an extended
bolus or perhaps use another clock or watch with an alarm.


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