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<< Am I over reacting?? >>


I don't blame you for being upset.  However, I do think this was just a case 
of your doctor being human, not malicious or mean.  She offered you the two 
suggestions she had, and when you dismissed both of them, it sounds like she 
took it a little personally.  (She shouldn't have, but we all do it at times.)

Who knows what had just happened to *her* earlier in the day?  Again, I 
*completely* understand why you would be upset but I think this is just one 
of those miscommunications.  If this is a chronic situation with your doc, 
you might want to switch doctors; if it just happens once in a while and you 
otherwise like her, I would just chalk it up to being human (maybe discuss it 
with her if you feel you can) and move on.

I think we have to realize that those of us on this IP list tend to be more 
motivated diabetics, or at least we try to educate ourselves and participate 
in our own care.  However, the majority of diabetics are noncompliant, and 
that's why I think some doctors immediately jump to the conclusion that the 
patient isn't quite telling the truth about calories eaten or exercise.  Not 
fair, I know!  

I hope you can figure out what's going on...good luck!
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