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Re: [IP] waterproofness

In a message dated 1/8/02 3:12:04 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  Can someone explain what the waterproof definitions mean for the
> > different pumps.  If one is waterproof for 1/2 hour up to 8 feet,
> > what happens after 1/2 hour?  Can they leak or malfunction?  Does
> > 1/2 hour mean 1/2 hour at a time or per site change?  If anyone
> > can clarify this, I'd appreciate it.  
> Basically, it's the warranty or guarantee time based on the amount
> of time the pump was tested by the company. 
   A little bit more clarification, if I may.  A company will not just
pick a testing standard, test it once, and claim success.  Normally
they test at a given specification a number of times to confirm
with some success rate they will withstand that degree of hardship.

   If the pump is rated to withstand 8 feet of water for 1/2 hour 
(IPX-7), they probably tested it to slightly harder standards (deeper 
or longer exposure) to ensure a very high success rate at the standard.

   Now, the companies also jockey for the highest rating they feel
comfortable guaranteeing.  They test the IPX-7 protocol, then they test 
the IPX-8 protocol.  IPX-7 is a test of water immersion - 30 minutes 
at a depth of 1 meter (which is only 3.3 feet).  IPX-8 is a test of
water submersion - suitable for continuous submersion in water under
conditions specified by the manufactorer.  MiniMed could probably 
claim to meet this standard, since they are specifying deeper limits 
than the IPX-7 specification.  Animas is claiming IPX-8 under 12 hour, 
12 feet limits.  If you exceed either limit, you'd be out of the

   I've seen products meeting IPX-8 specifying 30 minutes, 33 feet (10 
meters) as well as 30 minutes, 131 feet (40 meters).  I'm not planning
on being in the water for 12 hours, so I'm wishing someone would test
around 4 hours, 40 feet.

Jon >>

Thanks, Jon. Good info and a necessary clarification for sure. I know that 
Minimed tested the new pump model due out this spring for longer durations 
than 30 minutes. I also know that model, the Paradigm, has the same IPX as 
the Animas pump -- IPX-8. People just have to decide if they're comfortable 
risking being in the water more than 30 minutes with it or limiting 
themselves to 30 minutes in the water. Minimed reps told me that longer 
durations would be fine. But obviously they didn't feel comfortable enough to 
guarantee a longer duration. I also suppose if someone had a problem with the 
pump after being in the water for longer than 30 minutes, no one needs to 
know how long they were in the water. I'd rather not be put in that position 
I don't know anything about the waterproof testing/rating of the Disetronic 
D-Tron. Maybe someone out there knows and can post for the original poster?
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumped 1/8/02!
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