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>made her angry because she looked at me and said, "Well Sarah, if you >know 
>it all then you shouldn't be so overweight, should you?" I just >started 
>crying, I couldn;t believe she would say that.

Why is it when a doc doesn't know what they're doing, they blame everything 
on the patient?  I really hate this.

>Am I over reacting?? I had a horrible gyno appoint this morning so >maybe I 
>am just being over sensitive b/c I was already upset from >that.... any 

No, you aren't over-reacting.  You should be treated with the same respect 
that the docs expect from you.  Unfortunately, there are very few docs that 
are like this.

What other options can she come up with?  Does she even realize that a major 
side effect of the pump insulin, be it Novolog or Humalog, is hunger and 
weight gain?

email @ redacted

I've had endo appointments with a "witch" that made me alternately break 
down crying, or cuss her out so everyone would hear me.

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