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RE: [IP] A Beautiful Mind (scary hypo stuff)

>I saw the movie this weekend.  I meant to ask about it, but forgot.  I
>can't imagine that this is done anymore.  I wondered if electric shock
>treatments took its place?
>It was scary.  I can't imagine how they thought it would help

Insulin shock treatments were common for awhile, but I think it was done 
after electric shock treatments or at the same time.  I remember reading a 
book (can't remember the title) when I was in high school in the latter 
part of the 60's where the person writing the book (based on her life) was 
given insulin shock therapy.  That's what drew my interest to the book.  I 
don't remember what her diagnosis was, but she sort of lived in a fantasy 
world with kings and such, similar to the characters from playing cards, if 
I recall right (it's been over 30 years since I read the book).  My mother 
had electric shock therapy when I was in grade school, back in the 50's 
(that's a whole other story).

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