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[IP] Kidney problems

> My endo told me that some kidney complications are now thought to have a
> genetic marker associated with them, and that if you have not had kidney
> problems after a certain number of years with diabetes, your chances are
> extremely low of ever developing it.

Interesting. At 29 years of DM, my ophthalmologist told me since I had no
signs of retinopathy, I would not have any. Guess what - at 43 years I did
and was 20/400 vision WITH correction for 8 mos.  I just talked to a lady
who has had DM 66 years who has no kidney problems, but her twin sister does
(they are 72 now) for the last year - on dialysis and double amputee now.
Seems she went 65 years without kidney problems. Too bad life has no
guarantees and we should not get complacent with these kinds of statements
from professionals who don't give money-back offers. (~_^)

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