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Re: [IP] Options on carrying the pump

> Male, 42yrs, diabetic on Insulin for 41 years, Pump MM508 for 10 days, IP
> member for 5 days.  What are the options for carrying a pump?  The belt
> is not for me and I haven't tried anything else yet. So far, my best
> has been to place the pump in my shirt pocket and direct the extension set
> through a button down shirt.  This method however, exposes the infusion
> for quite a few questions which I don't care to deal with on a regular
> basis.   Are there any clothing options that could include a slot inside
> shirt pocket, to run the extension set through, or an undershirt (works
> here in Minnesota) with a side pocket etc.?  Thanks for any advice.
> Bill

I've carried my MM 508 for about a year now in my front shirt pocket with
the tube visible down the front of the shirt into my pants with out a singe
question about it. When I want to be more discrete it goes in my pant pocket
with the tube up over the belt into the pants. It is really not at all
obvious like that. Even less obvious (but also less convenient) is the  pump
in the pants pocket and the tube up under the belt and down into the pants.
With the normal slack in the shirt the tube is almost always non-visible
that way.

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