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[IP] Re: Type 1 Genetics

Thanks Natalie, for this interesting info.
I agree with you.  When Claire was dx at age 2, I was asked by nurses and 
doctors in the hospital at least 25 times, who in our family had DM.  And I 
replied no one, I've never even known anyone with DM.  They were all 
extremely puzzled, as the "known wisdom" of all health care professionals 
that I have dealt with in Canada is that it is a heriditary disease.  
However, I was wrong about the "no one in the family" bit.  We later found 
out that Claire had a great-aunt on my husband's side, in Northern Ireland, 
who died of DM at an early age, just around the time of insulin's discovery 
(my hubbie's dad was the youngest of 10 and my hubbie the youngest of five, 
which accounts for such a long time span for only two generations).  When we 
moved to Northern Ireland in 1998 we were asked to participate in a genetics 
research experiment looking at the genes of type 1 children and their 
immediate families.  I don't know if this study is still ongoing (probably 
is) or what the results have shown so far.  
     I have never been able to come up with an environmental trigger  link 
for Claire, no illness near to onset.  But I think I have read that illness 
in the newborn stage has statistical significance, and Claire was very, very 
sick at 6 weeks of age (unknown cause).  
Barbara, Mum of Claire, 7 

> It also explains why DM1 can pop up out of the blue in a family -- if a
> recessive S gene has been there all along, it may never have shown up
> because there were P genes along with it for many generations. And then all
> of a sudden someone inherits an S gene with NO P gene, AND is exposed to an
> environmental trigger, and POOF you have Type 1 DM.
> If we had sufficient and detailed records, I'm pretty sure that SOMEWHERE 
> in
> the family, in the pre-insulin days, we'd find that someone died of DM1 --
> it may not have been recognized or recorded as such, but it was there.
> Natalie ._c-
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