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[IP] families and heredity

I know this is not a random sampling at all, but I'm one of those folks with 
a remarkable number of Type 1 diabetics in one family.  I am one of three 
diabetic siblings out of 6.  The diabetics were #2, #4, and #5 in birth 

My endo told me that some kidney complications are now thought to have a 
genetic marker associated with them, and that if you have not had kidney 
problems after a certain number of years with diabetes, your chances are 
extremely low of ever developing it.  My brother nearly died of kidney 
failure and then had a kidney transplant after about 20 years with diabetes. 
  I've been very fortunate that after 30 years with diabetes, I have no sign 
of kidney complications, so I'm hoping I don't have the tendency.  My sister 
is doing okay, too, after about 25 years.

Arlie Sims

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