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> Laura,
> I have been on the pump for a little over a month, so I just went
> through my first cycle on it.  Oh my goodness, did my bg spike!  I
> had 2 days (before I was brave enough to change my basals--no drs,
> or CDEs in the office because of the New Year's holiday)with nothing
> less than 200. I felt really bad.  I just bumped up all my basals by
> .2 per hour and then bolused according to my readings.  The .2 may
> have been a little much to start with, but I was out of town and
> didn't want to take any chances.  Have been in DKA and lactic
> acidosis at the same time---thought I was a dead girl, so I am
> gunshy.  Will try this again next cycle.  Usually the week before is
> really bad for me anyway (before the pump).  If you find out any
> other solutions, please let me know!

See the FAQ page of the website


"How menstruation affects diabetes control"
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