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I am so angry right not I need a good place to vent...

So I finally confronted my endo today about my weight problem. I have gained 35 lbs. in the last two months, and this was with a very strict diet and 30-40 min of daily cardio. She said do you want to see the dietician, I said nope I have my own provate one. She said do you want to see a fitness trainer, I said I have been twice and they have not been a great source of any knew information for me. Well, I guess the made her angry because she looked at me and said, "Well Sarah, if you know it all then you shouldn't be so overweight, should you?" I just started crying, I couldn;t believe she would say that. My weight has also been a very sensitive issue for me, I have been struggling emotionally a lot worse lately , so I go to my doctor for help and that's the kind of support I get!! 
She then changed the subject, checked all the rest of the diabetic things, and at the last second said I don;t like it but here's a perscription for Zenical, and that was it.

Am I over reacting?? I had a horrible gyno appoint this morning so maybe I am just being over sensitive b/c I was already upset from that.... any opinions?
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