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RE: [IP] re: screening in FLA and breastfeeding

Actually, according to Diabetes Forecast, the diabetic mother is able to
prevent her child from ingesting cow's milk or formula (which the body
"reads" as cow's milk) for a period of time--the longer the better.
Somehow the researchers have found that diabetics(autoimmune
problems-Type I) are triggered by an abnormal response to cow's milk as
babies.  This is the one common factor that has been isolated.  The idea
is that if the cow'milk/formula triggered a mother, then possibly the
baby has the same genetic predisposition to developing D.  Hopefully,
nursing at least 3 months(they didn't know how long til  a few yrs.
after the first results were in) will keep the baby's body from
triggering the D.  Optimally, now they know, the best results are
nursing for 12 months.  I feel that the research is fairly reliable.
However, no one knows for sure about their children.  I just know that I
did everything I could to prevent it in my children with the knowledge
available at the time.  
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